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Software defined networking is one technology that’s taken off recently. It’s a significant part of the adaptation and improvement that’s driving modern telecom. So what does it bring your business?

Here are some of the great things you can expect from modern telecommunications services based on the sophisticated networking and data and voice models that have been developed for today’s business. Let NuWay Telecom of South Carolina help you to harness these new capabilities for your offices.

Unlimited Calling Plans

With new network models, it’s easier to offer companies unlimited calling and unmetered bandwidth for busy day-to-day operations. In some ways, the days of pay-by-the-minute are long gone – there’s an openness of functionality that’s tied to the ability to source network connections in more efficient ways. For example, when VoIP replaced landline trunking, there was effective cost savings attached to that innovation, and you’re unlikely to see most providers try to charge by the minute as 5G approaches.


Your SD-WAN and other new technology breakthroughs can bring you agile, effective and versatile video conferencing in ways that you might not expect. In some cases businesses can set up operational services that can move from one room or site to another. That’s different than the old-school video conferencing you may have been used to a couple of decades ago, that was very limited in scope. Now, video is streaming from every part of the web as well as through mobile networks. Reach out and grab some of that connectivity to do business quickly and easily around the globe!

Voicemail to Email

That new service where you get your voicemails in readable form is another feature for which you can thank new networking technologies and other corresponding advances. This feature saves people a lot of time in going through their inbox and figuring out how to respond to incoming questions or communications from anyone who has their phone number.

Interactive Voice Response

This one has improved a lot based on software defined networking and VoIP and other tools. IVR has become much more effective and adaptive. Where it used to be extremely frustrating to navigate many corporate menus, IVR has become better at routing callers to where they need to go with a minimum of headache and hassle.

Unified Communications

Big businesses need all of their communicated channels to be in agreement. The era of software defined networking and VoIP has brought us the age of ‘Unified Communications as a Service,’ where telecom providers can offer this kind of channel matching for ultimate convenience and effective handling of business data, whether that means routing information in and out of the data warehouse, or putting it into visual dashboards for business insight. Ask Nuway Telecom South Carolina about what we can do for your business today!